Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Pretty Chuffed

This afternoon I received an e-mail from the Head of Faculty for Education at Massey University nominating me to submit some of my work from 2017 (i was the top Educational Psychology student in my course) -

From someone higher up in the university she got this e-mail -

Kia ora koutou,

Please would you encourage your top students to consider making a submission.

Last year Christabelle Mason was an awardee from Education, and Massey as a whole did exceptionally well .

and sent this to me -

Hi Kim, how are you? Hope you started the year off well!!
Kim, I’d like to nominate you to apply for the international undergraduate awards. I nominated Christabelle from last year and she won, so  when applications were invited on Friday, I immediately thought of you. I really would like you to consider it as you get consistently high marks and your work is excellent. If you’re interested, the information is below: I can also put you in tou ch with last year’s winner if you’d like to talk more about it – just let me know –OK?
Go for it, girl!!
Cheers, Teresa

The Undergraduate Awards 2018- Education
Have a piece of coursework that you’re proud of?
Sad to see it sitting on a shelf gathering dust?
Submit to The Undergraduate Awards to earn international recognition for your work!
The Undergraduate Awards is the world’s largest academic awards programme that aims to celebrate top undergraduate coursework and foster interdisciplinary collaboration between students and recent graduates.
WHY should I apply?
  • Earn international recognition for work you’ve already done!
  • Receive access to the exclusive UA Alumni Portal
  • Win a trip to the UA Global Summit in Dublin, Ireland
    Get your work profiled in The Undergraduate Journal 2018
Submitting is free and easy, just follow these steps to #awardyourwork!
Interested, but not ready to submit just yet? Not a problem! Just register online to reserve your place in the competition
I'm rather pleased with myself! And my placement at school is going extremely well too. A couple more days there and i'm back at university with assignment, after assignment, after assignment - that's why one goes to uni - ha ha! Bit daunting though....

Monday, 12 February 2018


We have had such an incredibly humid day at 100% - hideous being in a classroom with only windows to open, no fans or cooling system. And poor kids having to do running beep tests.

Loving my classroom - taught maths today and it was a-okay. There's a whole lot of kiwis out there my age who think they are rubbish at maths, inclusive of me....

It's crazy the amount of beginning of the year testing students do.

I got an A- for my first university assignment - yippee skippee.

One of the teens cut his long hair off - that's big to me!

I used the clothes drier 3 times over the weekend - we've had astronomical amounts of rain and since I threw out our indoor drying racks due to age/going rusty etc, there was little choice. I struggle with drying clothes in a drier at the best of times!

I've written and posted long 10 letters in the last week - it's #lettermo month. I love my snail mail and am hoping for a bunch of new penfriends.

I did a mail order of postage stamps the other day - a first for me. it keeps more mail coming through my letter box.

The knitting situation is s-l-o-w. I'm so tired after school! Tt's too hot you know.

The eldest quit his movie job. He has another job which is far more lucrative and does not involve clearing up after lazy people who leave their popcorn pottles and other rubbish scattered all over the floor in the movie theatre.

I've started watching "The Returned" on netflix. I watch so little tv. This is one episode per night, as it is *freaking* me out.....

The vege garden has gone vrooompf due to the high humidity and rainfall.

The youngest is still going to the gym.

The middle one will receive an award at the NCEA Scholars assembly next week. He *hates* getting awards.

The new school year started and I didn't take one photo of any kid on the first day of the school year. Two weeks in, I still haven't taken one...

We've had a record low on the visa bill this past month. I'm sticking pretty well to the not buying stuff I don't need. A few treats here and there, but it's fab saving money when we can, for a rainy day. I keep on patting myself on the back for this.

I saw Maurice Gee's "Under the Mountain" in theatre over the weekend. A masterpiece like the book. I jumped in my seat more than once....

I'm loving reading to students again. The class are well and truly sucked in by Maurice Gee's "The Fat Man"  (the real teacher's choice and it's a goodie).

I've taken to adding my home library to the android app "My Library". What a wonderful tool this is. I've spent quite a bit of time looking for 3 particular books for school this past week, which i swear I have... *somewhere* - possibly up in the attic which is over 45 degrees c. I'm hoping this app makes my book hunting and buying (found quite a few multiple copies of books...) a lot easier.

Well off to write up my observation notes from today.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

A giveaway ....and the weeks carry on...

I've finished 2 weeks of uni - all good so far. I did have a hiccup with a presentation last week, but just need to get over it and think of it as a wee blip.... I'm at a school for 2 weeks from Monday tagging a teacher - I'm so excited!

We've had another good dump of rain! The vege garden is loving the wet, warm weather and has gone a bit crazy - I love it!

Today I made a rope mat! I'm rather thrilled with it! It was a free class held at the Maritime Museum here in Auckland (which by the way is an excellent museum, with the most brilliant exhibition on knots). I was the slowcoach in the class, as I twisted the mat a bit back and had to un-do and start again... I was miles behind the rest, but I got there in the end! I'd love to make more - it's easy once you get going past the first round or two! This used about 20 metres of rope.

Two teens are currently cooking us dinner - the middle one and a mate. I'm impressed with that too - taking themselves off to the supermarket and then cooking without even being asked! (mine's on the left). They've even made the pasta from scratch!

It was delicious!

The city had lights light up the harbour bridge last week for a few nights - it was a dancing light show along with music (via our cellphones) and was rather neat. We viewed it from Mt Eden late at night.

I've a book to give away. This is real chick lit - a quick light read. I read it once in a few hours last weekend and won't read it again.... leave me a comment and I'll draw a winner next weekend. Open worldwide.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Plum Cake

I'm trying so hard not to buy stuff we just don't need. I've even set myself a bit of a pact to not do much shopping at all, bar supermarket and petrol, during the uni term. I'm trying ever so hard to buy zero stationery and craft items and using what I have. I have had to buy one pair of school uniform trousers, which at $60 a pair I was pleasantly surprised at. Yes - that is pretty cheap in NZ. Our school uniforms for *one* child can cost anything from $200-800 at a free (haha!) state school. And a wee bit of school stationery. Schools start the new year from today - my two go back on Wednesday.

I'm quite a bore really - I get excited about collecting flybuy points (a rewards card system in NZ and Oz). And our local supermarket has a promotion at the moment where by spending $150 plus a week, you get a "free" lunchbox. I'm in! A very useful promotion! They have a different container over 3 weeks. I'm really in when they have a "save 40 cents per litre of petrol" by spending $200 a week. I only spent money on groceries last week (oh and ordered postage stamps by mail) and I'm hoping all I spend this week too is the $217 I spent at the supermarket this afternoon! My car was filled up with free vouchers from my credit card rewards. It all helps working towards my trying to live on what we've got mantra! We'll push the voluntary school fees *which could be hundreds of dollars* out as far as we can.

**oh** - I did pay university over $6000 in fees last week, but that's an investment for the future...

We picked a ton of plums at my parents. Most have gone into the freezer, but we've been eating some too. In this humid heat though, nothing is lasting long in the fruit bowl, so lots of fruit has to be kept in the fridge.
Today I made a plum cake - dirt easy and I'll be making it again next week. It was delicious with some icecream this afternoon and I'll probably have another slice later tonight!

It's a 10am start at university tomorrow, which is just perfect after a 3 day weekend!

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Made by hands

Oh the heat. The heat. It's all everyone is talking about and New Zealand is heading for a record breaking month since records began in 1909. Having day after day of 27-29 here in Auckland (but feeling hotter), with extreme humidity is not normal! I've been cycling to university and getting there at 8am with a sopping wet t-shirt (back) from the humidity! That is totally stupid... I'm probably going to stop for a week or 2 or 3, as a nursing friend told me about heat stroke and was horrified at me cycling in this heat....

anyway... visits to the parents left me coming home with a pile of goodies and divine hand made items, made by my mum. And huge amounts of plums, which are now chopped and in the freezer, as it is waaaay to hot to even think about making jam!

Jams and chutneys

 a table mat -
 skating girls stitched -

 an oven mitt and a pot mitt -
 and a cute tea cosy -

Didn't I do well? And aren't they all divine things to treasure?! Very spoilt. My mum and dad split their time between two houses 6 hours apart, so Mum spends a lot of time crafting while being a car passenger. She has two houses full of crafty makes and thousands upon thousands of books at both house and 2 craft rooms too......
I love crafty makes as gifts! I'm lucky having a family who crafts - both my aunts too are hugely talented!
Have any of you just picked crafting up without having crafty family or friends? Do you make things as gifts?

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

oh the heat (humidity)

It just goes on and on like this...!/ten-day

Today, at university, I found a group of 5 other good women! All 6 of us are basically peri-menopausal - we sat around and moaned about the heat, with the sweat clinging to our clothing and wet patches - it really was hilarious in our (very un-normal 2.5 hour) break! I'm so glad I've found a great group who identify with me, but we've been split into smaller workshop groups, so unless we can find each other at lunch or in the lecture theatre with 140 others... There are lots of old people at university! My campus is only for education and social work.

The humidity and the struggle is real people and NO - OF COURSE - there are no fans to be found in the multiple shops I've trawled through late this afternoon.

There is a pool at uni, but we've been told that it is now only open an hour a week and we have to have a lifeguard watch over us. We're not sure if they were joking or not about the hour opening a week or the lifeguard... but man, we so did want to break all the rules today and just go and jump in it!

Sunday, 21 January 2018


We've had lots of decent good rain. Much needed and appreciated. I dried a load of laundry in the new clothes drier for the first time - it works much better than a 15 year old (at least!) model - it is bigger and faster and a lot quieter and does not stop after 2 seconds of going, then start, then stop, then really stop!  It's going up on the wall today, instead of sitting in the hallway.

I've also cleaned bathroom floors and toilets; dusted through the entire house; more laundry (but outside, as weather cleared!); sorted and cleaned out pantry; swept paths; cleaned my walk in wardrobe and put properly!; dug over the compost bins; vacuumed behind every bed and will buy the 16 year old some new bed linen/duvet inner/cover today at 60% off.

I feel happy having a pretty sorted house. I feel like I've had an awesome 3.5 months off work and have achieved a a lot whether op/charity shop runs, finishing craft stuff, travelling, sorting out photos, sorting out the house etc etc! Putting all my wool up onto Ravelry early in the new year was fabulous too - I'm going to try so hard not to buy much this year (along with clothes , stationery, shoes!). Maybe unviersity/education texts might be my thing instead....

An amazing surprise parcel arrived for me a couple of weeks ago -

A gorgeous knee rug sent to me from a penfriend Tina, who lives in Klippan in Sweden. I've met Tina back in 1997 and visited her little town then, but don't remember going to the Klippan Woollen Mill where this rug is from. The mill dates back to 1879 and uses a lot of New Zealand wool in their products. A few years back I bought myself one of their fullsize blankets locally at The Good Thing. I treasure both of these!

University starts tomorrow at 8.30am. I'm excited! I've my bag all packed - tomorrow is an orientation day. I'm hoping there are a few old students like me - I'm pretty sure there will be!
Lectures start on Tuesday at 8.30am! It'll be so different for me, but I'm ready!